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Accepting, declining or rescheduling a session request

If someone requests to do a session with you, you will be notified based on your notification preferences.  

You must be logged into your mentor dashboard to see any session requests. The requested session will show up on your main mentor dashboard and your Sessionspage.


When you accept the session, you should add the other person on the specified communication tool and start the session at the scheduled time.  


If you feel you are not a good fit for the session request or have a scheduling conflict you can hit decline. You will be prompted to write a message explaining why you can not meet.  


If the time that the member chose does not work for you, please opt to reschedule and let the member select a new time.  Suggesting a time that works for you (near the time they suggested) is a good start to get the session rescheduled smoothly. *Remember to mention your time zone when chatting about session times.

Communicate, communicate, communicate 🙂

Updated on January 12, 2020

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