Mentor Session Flow

From the session request to the review, here is what to expect.

Once a mentee requests a call from you, the session will appear in the ‘Requested’ queue.


If you Accept, the session is ready to begin as scheduled and will be in the ‘Upcoming’ queue.


If you Decline, you will need to give a reason why that will be sent to the member and admin and the session request will go into the archive.


If you click Reschedule you will be prompted to write a new time suggestion which will be sent to the mentee. Be sure to include your time zone in any messages about time.

The mentee can either choose a new time or decline the request all together.

Completed Sessions

Once the scheduled session’s time is over, the mentee will be asked to confirm if the session happened.

If the mentee did not attend a scheduled session without letting you know ahead of time, please contact us right away. We take attendance very seriously and need to document any issues.

Updated on January 12, 2020

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