How Coastr reached their seed funding round

We spoke with Biswajit Kundu Roy, founder of the mobility tech company Coastr, to discover how he’s built this thriving ...
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Spyros Tsoukalas
21 Jun 2022   6 min read   

How Pandatron raised their seed funding round

Growth Mentor’s Spyros had a chat with Dima Syrotkin about what he’s learned from building businesses with traction and ...
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Sarah Wisbey
10 Jun 2022   6 min read   

How Welcome raised their Seed Funding Round after 149 No’s

Matthew is a product-driven founder, who has co-founded Cameo in the past, one of Apple's best apps in 2018 which was ul...
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Foti Panagiotakopoulos
01 Jun 2022   6 min read   

How Continuum Ag raised their Seed Funding Round

Mitchell Hora founded Continuum Ag to improve global regenerative agriculture. We chatted with him about their journey t...
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Sarah Wisbey
12 May 2022   7 min read   

How AlgoDriven raised their Series A funding round

Glenn Harwood founded AlgoDriven when he realized the random pricing decisions for second-hand cars. We spoke to him abo...
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Sarah Wisbey
27 Apr 2022   6 min read   

How GoZayaan raised their seed funding round

We spoke with Ridwan Hafiz, founder of travel marketplace GoZayaan, to learn how he’s built a rapid growth travel start-...
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Sarah Wisbey
07 Apr 2022   6 min read   

How Tazah Technologies raised $6.5 million in pre-seed funding

The company was only incorporated in August last year and has already closed $6.5 million in pre-seed funding. Keep read...
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Sarah Wisbey
09 Mar 2022   6 min read