Why 1:1 calls are the best


GrowthMentor was built upon the idea that every situation is unique, so generic courses and blog posts just don’t cut it sometimes.

To actually solve your issue you need to connect with someone and have a back and forth conversation about the particular roadblock you are facing at this very moment.

In our Terms of Service you’ll find this bit about accounts being for one person only : Subscriptions are to be associated to a single person and cannot be shared with others. Sharing GrowthMentor services with a non-registered person will result in a suspension of services.

If you want to have others present to passively listen on the call, that’s within the terms of service as long as the account holder is the point person and leading the discussion.

GrowthMentor suggests that if you want to share your calls with team members, you should record it and send it to them to view on their own.

This post goes into more detail about it : Why 1:1 mentor sessions > group mentor sessions

Team Options

If you really want your team members to benefit from calls with mentors, have them sign up! Put it on the company card and you can compare notes. You can get double the bang for your buck by both recording your calls and sharing them.

We do offer a discount for teams of 3 or more, so hit us up on live chat or in Slack for deets.

Updated on May 13, 2021

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