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Why is there a ‘3 active session limit’ for free calls?

This ‘3 active session limit’ is only applicable for FREE CALLS – you can schedule as many paid calls as you would like.

Once you complete one of your calls and leave a review, you can request a new one. You can rinse and repeat this for the rest of eternity.

Active calls = requested, scheduled and rescheduled

History behind this policy

We noticed that people got excited when they would join GrowthMentor and book a ton of calls right away.

Mentor Binging is real and this 3 call queue helps to control it.

Then they would be a bit overwhelmed and want to reschedule.

Mindful Booking

We want people to be mindful when they are booking and really carefully select a mentor that they feel will help them.

This is better for BOTH parties involved.

The mentors are giving their time for free because they truly want to help people. They go into sessions assuming that they were chosen based on their extensive profile and previous experience.

For the mentee side, it is a waste of time to speak with someone who isn’t a good fit. You’ve got a lot on your plate already! Talking to someone about something you aren’t 100% focused on is just complicating things.

Book responsibly and remember that the GrowthMentor team is always available to suggest a good fit for you.

Once one call is completed you are able to book a new session.

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Updated on November 17, 2022

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