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Why are free trials not available?

TLDR: Because we respect the mentors’ time and want to ensure that the people reserving their free time are serious about the call and the advice the mentors are sharing.

Extended version: When we first launched GrowthMentor in beta everything was wide open. People could sign up for free and book calls for free. Sadly there were many times that someone would book a call with a mentor and not show up.

We are all busy people with schedules that we are constantly tweaking and always trying to juggle that work/life balance.

Since most of the mentors are giving their time for free, they are taking time out of their work day and/or personal time to give back to the startup community with no compensation in return. They are amazing people- hand down! So we must be mindful of their generosity and not flood their already busy calendars with trial calls.

Want to see what people talk about during their calls?

Use our filter system and select an area you want help in – PPC Strategies for example.

Next click on any mentors profile and then on the Review button.

Take a minute to read what our members are speaking about with the mentors and if you could benefit from a call with them.

Video Library

Reviews not enough? Check out the mentors in their native habit in our video library.

All of the videos share actionable advice and things that worked and didn’t work for the mentors themselves.


Members share their experiences with GrowthMentor on TrustPilot.

Updated on September 11, 2020

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