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I want to send my personal calendar to schedule a session

If you would like to send your Calendly or similar personal calendar to schedule a session, please follow this protocol to ensure that both parties are accountable for the new time chosen.

  1. Hit Reschedule and send your link in the comments.
  2. Once a new time is selected, touch base with the mentee that you are good to go for that time.
  3. Message Jessica on Slack or email with the time selected and she will edit the session with the new time and send it back to you for final approval.
  4. Hit Accept and the session will go through the usual session flow and the mentee will be prompted to leave a review once confirmed as completed.

Sessions can always be edited at any time, so even after the fact we can still adjust it as complete even if it has been sitting in ‘reschedule’ mode for months.

The main thing is for both parties to be in agreeance on the meeting time and accountable for attending the meeting.

If you schedule off platform and don’t involve GM support in editing the session time, there is a higher risk of the member not attending because it wasn’t set in the system.

Updated on June 16, 2020

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