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I am not sure which social media channels I should be using for my business

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Not sure which social media channels to use for your business?

Test it!

The most overused piece of advice from growth marketers 😀

But seriously, you do need to try them out and see what works. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Youtube, Reddit, the list goes on and on. Ok, maybe you don’t need to test ALL of them, but for sure try a few out to see if one is better than the other.

“How do I test them?” you may ask…

The best person to answer this is someone who specializes in experimentation.  If you don’t want to go down that rabbit hole, you can simply post on all channels and see what sticks.  You need to do this for an extended period of time to get a true sample size.

If you are looking for ideas on WHAT to post on these different channels, we’ve got some great content and social media mentors who can help you with that.


Jess Bahr

Sr. Director, Growth & Analytics at
Social media is one of the greatest tools for reaching your target audience. I've been part of alpha and beta tests and pre-GA features for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. I've spent over $30M on social media over the past years.

Jess was a star! Super pro active, helped me to look beyond my numbers-only brain and understand the ways around being properly active on instagram as a tool for building a community of engaged potential customers!

Cae Silva
Senior Digital Project Lead at Career Partner GmbH

“Jess completely opened up my mind to monetization ideas in ways I hadn’t thought of previously. If you have a brand or pre-existing audience and question the best ways to make money while maintaining customer trust then Jess is a great mentor for this. Super happy with this call! Thanks Jess.”

Sarah Beardmore
Founder at Nown.io

Alicia Burke

Marketing & Platform @ Ascension Ventures
Which channels make the most sense for you? What content & formats resonate most with your audience? How do you build an engaged community? Picking your graphics, video, scheduling & analytics tools.

“Alicia gave me what I needed to hear to keep moving forward with organic social and to hammer in on branding. I’m now going to push for more user research, change affiliate plan to include more partnership work, and do more competitor research!”

Hal Zeitlin
CEO and Founder at Candidleap.com

“Alicia was a ball to talk with. She embraced all the shortcomings of my work and attempted to lift it up far beyond I could ever do justice to. Her insights and thoughts gave me an empowered energized feeling. Like I was standing on the shoulders of giants. Looking forward to speaking with her again.”

Andrew Kamphey
Founder at Influence Weekly