How to systematize an outbound sales process with a small team

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Outbound sales is exactly like any other process, you need to have steps along the way leading to a defined outcome.

To build this process start with the end in mind.

Imagine your client/user/consumer is a raving fan and they have just referred their 8th friend/colleague to buy what you sell… now go back a step, what needs to happen before that?

Then keep going back steps until you end up with an ideal customer profile (the organization who buys) and buying persona (the person who buys).

Common steps involve outreach (cold or otherwise), a qualification method, a sales call, sometimes procurement/governance, a way to get paid and more.

Once you have that process mapped out you simply backfill systems to achieve the goal each time.

For example, your process could be “sales call” > “proposal created.”

  • What are all the boxes that need to be ticked before you create a proposal?
  • Who creates the proposal?
  • What does the template look like?
  • How do you fill in this template?

Lastly, the biggest mistake we see in sales is pursuing too many bad deals (“it might come in” syndrome).

Your process MUST account for the question should we create a proposal or should we delay/end this conversation?

Think of your process as a flow chart and every step has a reason to not continue if the deal is not really a deal.

Sound overwhelming?

Don’t worry, we got you!

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