You’re about to make a major technical SEO update e.g. URL hierarchy and want a second opinion

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There are certain technical decisions that can have a major effect on your rankings and user experience for months and years to come.

Here are some examples:

  • Changing of URL hierarchy during site migrations
  • Changing domains and setting 301 redirects
  • Creating canonicals for thousands of pages to avoid duplicate content penalties
  • Switching blog from a subdomain to a subfolder

Making global changes on technical SEO can have major effects on your traffic which could take months to recover from.

If you’re torn between two or three different options on how to proceed with major technical SEO decisions, why not talk to a SEO expert and get their take?

Kevin Indig

Director of SEO @Shopify
I'm a Marketer with 10 years of experience in SEO, Content Marketing, and Growth. I've been professionally mentoring startups for over 4 years (at the GermanAccelerator, and other accelerators) and led organic user acquisition at Atlassian before joining G2, where I run content, SEO, and promotion teams....

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Johannes Radig

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I've taught hundreds of entrepreneurs about SEO and have helped dozens of sites improve their search visibility through technical SEO, content marketing and link-building. I used to manage PayPal's global SEO.

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