How to start with outbound lead generation

Lead Generation

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To start doing outbound lead generation, you first need to really understand who your ideal customers are, (the businesses) and your ideal buyer personas (the people). Once you understand who the people are you then can determine which channel would be the best approach for you for your outbound lead generation strategy.

Once you’ve identified the most effective channel, you then need to focus on the content which you can share with them to initiate a conversation. This can be your own content or content that already exists in the market, which you believe would be helpful.

If you’re using outbound cold email as a lead generation strategy, your goal is to start a conversation. Not pitch and close a deal on that email.
So the key is to start conversations with your ideal customers and buyer personas, in a way that you provide value and position yourself as a trusted advisor.

This is an area you really need to have a solid strategy for before getting started.  It’s very important to get a second set of eyes on this before starting.

Mark Colgan

Chief Revenue Officer @
Let's talk if you need pointing in the right direction with: ✔ Lead sourcing strategies ✔ Building a predictable & scalable outbound sales process ✔ Digital PR / Podcasts ✔ All things Marketing Automation related ✔ B2B SaaS Product Onboarding ✔ Egyptian Technofunk

If there was a graph where the x-axis was intelligence and startup-savvy and the y-axis was friendliness and being encouraging, Mark’s point on the graph would be way up and way to the right. He truly enjoys business and helping people in this adventure no matter what the industry.  

He helped me with creating a solid outbound sales process and also even gave me specific action points and resources for my next website iteration and some ideas on how to properly find, sell to, and track the data and metrics of my customer base.  

My suggestion is to take notes when he’s sharing because there are so many actionable ideas and resources he’s offering that you will forget some if you’re not typing away during your session. 

Michael Hoeft
Founder at

“As always, Mark’s knowledge and understanding on everything outbound is extremely helpful. Thanks Mark!”

Niels Zee
Growth Manager at StuDocu

Thomas Paris

Head of Marketing & Growth at
I absolutely love the field of Growth and Digital Marketing. I co-founded and sold two startups, a B2B SaaS and a Growth Agency. I’m now the Head of Growth at Hoppier.

I just wanted to leave a testimonial for Mr. Thomas. He’s an amazing person who’s a real genius when it comes to selling SaaS products. Very experienced, very helpful, very attentive, very patient and also very friendly. I liked him so much I am going to book a paid call with him as a thanks from my side. I also want to learn a lot more from him. He was the first call I had here and I just wanted to tell the world that it’s an amazing experience working with this person. Thanks a lot.

Aravindh Sridhar
CEO at

Thomas just provided me with so many goal-oriented suggestions that are perfectly fitting my current eCommerce business stage. That much that it will take me some time to review them, and I’m so excited to start implementing these. This consulting session was far more valuable than most of the consulting I’ve had, and I’m pretty sure we will continue working in the future. Thanks!

Teodor Petrovic