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How to save hundreds of hours per year by managing virtual assistants (the right way)

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Be clear about what tasks you want them to do. Start small, and then add more later. Use the time tracker. One way to vet is to hire a couple of VAs at the same time and give the same 1-hour task. Whoever does it fastest and communicates best is the winner. 

Use Loom or any similar tool to record the screen doing the task. Be specific on the videos and don’t waste time. Be empathetic about the VA that has to watch this and understand what to do. If you make a very good Loom, you don’t have to make written documentation because these are mostly going to be one-off tasks you give that aren’t repeatable.

A good VA should cost around $4-8/hour on Upwork from the Philipines. There are great VAs all over the world though in India, Latin America, Europe, but the highest supply for sure is in the Philipines. They speak very good English and many of them have a wide range of experience in a lot of things.

The technology is out there to help us automate a lot of the stuff we use VAs for. But there’s a point of diminishing returns. “I just spent 2 hours building a way to help me save 2 hours which I probably won’t use anyway.”

Be sure that you aren’t wasting your time or their’s by assigning random tasks just to assign them because you read that it’s ‘best practices’ in a blog somewhere.

Planning a thorough strategy for your VAs before you get started is imperative.

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I've lead a team of over 100 people ensuring that we are aligned on one thing - customer success. This takes an enormous amount of planning, training, coaching and ongoing optimisation, however, truly understanding what 'success' means to your customers is key. My biggest customer success 'hack': Speak to them 😉

“Mark Colgan is a great mentor, who really gets marketing automation and the software stack that goes with it. He really understood the root of my questions around marketing automation. He is also a well connected guy on the growth marketing scene and helped me out with a couple of connections. I look forward to speaking with Mark again soon!”

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“As always, Mark’s knowledge and understanding on everything outbound is extremely helpful. Thanks Mark!”

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I’ve found the easiest way to overcome these struggles is to ignore the latest marketing fads and go back to basics: listening to your market, creating a unique idea that captivates your customers, and taking creative approaches that follow common sense (without ignoring data, of course).

Lucas is extremely thorough. This was my first time talking to a brand expert. He brings a very unique perspective on how to look at my site. He helped me get into the psyche of my target audience and examine how the flow of the site should be. I recommend taking a tour of your site through Lucas’s eyes to help you re-examine your marketing and brand messaging.

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