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How to build resiliency as a startup founder

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Entrepreneurship truly is a roller-coaster. The cliche about the ups and the downs ain’t no joke.

How people deal with the lows and the slow incline can really set founders apart from others. Everyone can deal with the highs and the celebrations, but getting through the tough times and moving on can be tough.

Some days it seems impossible to focus on your tasks at hand and have a positive outlook towards the future. Resilience is so crucial when you are growing a business.

Most founders (especially solo-founders) report having high stress levels and note lack of balance in their lives.  With a resilient mindset, you can push through the bad times with gumption and enjoy the good times without burn-out or PTSD.

Sometimes just talking through what is bothering you to an unbiased third-party can do the trick!  It’s amazing what a simple venting session can do.  It’s even more beneficial when that third party (say a Growth Mentor for example) can also give you tips and tricks that have worked for them when they were in the exact same spot that you were.

Dani Hart

Former Head of Growth at
Whether you're a startup founder that needs help finding their blindspots or you're simply looking for a more sustainable approach to your work, I can help. So much of what we believe about ourselves manifests in our work. If you're having doubts, I'll help you break bad mental habits to help you become more resilient and achieve what really matters.

“Dani was very helpful and she truly wanted to understand my perspective about the issues I’m facing at the moment with my career path. After 2-3 minutes the conversation didn’t feel anymore like two strangers, but actually a mentor sharing her knowledge about the things she’s been through. In the end, I regret that It was only 30min.”

Filip Pabisek
Growth Hacker at

“I spent 30 minutes talking to Dani trying to understand what are some of the professional and personal roadblocks I am going through. It was super impactful and allowed me to get some perspective. If you are going through a lot – just book a time with her. You won’t regret it. #daniisawesome =)”

Ayhan K. Isaacs
Founder at GrowthRhino

Maciej Galkiewicz

CEO & Partner at Ragnarson
Organizations are built by people. If something is not working properly, it's because of our various shortcomings. From my personal experience, founders and managers are often the biggest bottlenecks in the system. "If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.” In other words, take care of yourself first. I'm here to help you speed up the process and discover your personal bottlenecks.

“Maciej is very curious and really tries to understand your problem/goal. His questions actually pointed me to some blind spots. It was a great conversation.”

Dmitry Landberg
Lead Software Engineer at Coupa Software

“Wow. Maciej was unbelievably helpful, friendly and pretty much an all-round legend. Could not rate his help any more.”

Guy Hobbs
Associate Creative Director at BBH London