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  • Talk to someone who has been there before
  • Get unbiased insight from industry veterans
  • Work through the issue with a mentor by your side

The issue that many founders face is that they don’t have anyone in their immediate network to speak with and get honest and unbiased feedback.

Your friends and family tend to think everything that you do is great – “Awww thanks for saying my idea is the best in the world, mom!”

Or they may not understand what you are talking about because they aren’t in that industry and just nod and say, “Sounds awesome- go for it!”

You need to run things by someone else before making decisions that will not only consume your time, but also your cash flow.

Speaking with an unbiased third party can really put things into perspective for you.  Growth Mentors have nothing to gain by the decisions you make one way or the other.  They may even tell you to scrap your whole project because you don’t have product market fit.  They are nice people, so they want you to succeed, but they will give you honest feedback based on their years of experience.


Harri Thomas

Head of Research and Strategy at
I'm a former Co-Founder of Respondent (, an entirely distributed, venture backed marketplace that connects researchers with research participants. I now work as Head of Research and Strategy at Picnic, a social startup based in London.

“EXTREMELY awesome conversation 🙂 Harri helped give me more clarity on priorities and was diligent in learning more about the company prior to our conversation. Looking forward to having more conversations with him in the future and highly recommend founders and executives to chat with him!”

Mukai Selekwa
Founder/CEO of

“I’m a founder, and I reached out to Harri for advice on fundraising versus continuing to bootstrap. Harri gave excellent advice based on his own experience. He provided clear, concrete examples and responded to all of my questions. I would highly recommend him as a mentor.”

Tammy Bjelland
Founder and CEO at

Aazar Ali Shad

Growth Marketer I Revenue Champion I Podcast Host @ Growth Marketing Stories
I have 8+ years of combined experience in field sales, Sales Development & Account Executive roles. I have grown other startups to become 1 Mn in ARR. I can help you with: Sales, SEO, Copy Writing, User Onboarding & Adoption, Email Marketing, Outbound, Podcasting , and Growth Marketing.

Aazar helped me by giving multiple ideas for marketing my startup at conferences. They were all things that I can implement with a small budget, and sound very promising. If you are looking for advice in regards to growth hacking, this guy is someone you should chat with.

Tyrel Johnson
VP Digital Marketing at Evercast