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Joe Lee
Tanay Mishra
Marketing Automation Consultant
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foti panagio Diamond
Foti Panagio
Founder at Growthmentor.io
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Joe Lee Diamond
Audrey Melnik
Marketing Automation Specialist, SaaS, B2B, Empowering non-technical teams
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vlad calus Diamond
Vlad Calus
Co-founder Planio.io
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Here are examples of what you can talk to a Drip mentor about
  • You're not sure whether you should be using custom fields or tags
  • You've got a bad habit of over-complicating your work flows with way too many conditionals and want a second opinion
  • You've got customer data in other systems that you want to pipe into Drip but aren't sure the best way to do it
  • You're not a javascript developer so it's hard to get UTM parameters to pass into Drip and you want advice on how to get it setup
  • You're curious how other founders are structuring their Drip campaigns

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