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Joe Lee
Anthony Chen
Adwords PPC specialist - Experience with $500-$1,000,000 monthly spend
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Leo Hardy
Lucas Mondora
Conversion Specialist for Early-Stage SaaS Businesses
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Philipp Wolf Diamond
Philipp Wolf
Founder & CEO, Bootstrapped SaaS, Customer Success, Product Management, Market Fit
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Vincent Guittet
Vincent Guittet
Growth Marketer & Product Manager in Marketing Innovations
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Here are examples of what you can talk to an Adwords mentor about
  • You're considering outsourcing your Adwords to an agency or freelancer but just aren't sure
  • You've got a few campaigns running with decent conversions but want a quick audit in realtime of how everything's structured
  • You're at an intermediate level but would love to get a live tutorial on how to use advanced features like dynamic insertion and re-marketing list search
  • You're thinking of offering Adwords services yourself and want a bit of career advice from those that have "been there and done that."
  • You're not using the full range of ad extensions and you want some help on setting them up
  • You're looking for second opinions on your ad copy

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