On learning how to use Reddit for marketing

I have zero experience using Reddit for marketing but I think I’d like to start. This is a call for Reddit loyalists to join our forces and help uninitiated people like myself. We’re scared of getting banned (and getting flamed). Please. Help.

I haven’t used Reddit yet, but I kind of want to.

This blog post isn’t going to try and teach you how to become better at Reddit marketing.

As you can see above, I know jack shit about the inner workings of Reddit.

If you want to read something smart, check these links out:

But I honestly don’t have time for that

I’m literally up to my neck in backlog work trying to manage a bootstrapped marketplace startup, a day job as head of growth of a rapidly growing cloud services provider, while at the same time trying to be a decent human being and go to the gym at least once per week so I don’t die of a heart attack by the time I’m 35.

Reading 10,000 word blog posts about “how to be good at Reddit” is honestly the last thing in the world that I want to do with the last 15 free minutes I have at the end of my day.

Is anyone out there that knows how this Reddit thing works?

If so I want to talk to you immediately.

I kind of have the feeling that lots of other people would want to talk to you too.


Contact us if:

  • If you’re REALLY good at Reddit 
  • And you’re really good at growth marketing 
  • And you’re in the startup scene
  • And if you want to get paid cash to help other Reddit idiots like myself (there are many, trust me) understand how Reddit works over friendly Skype calls

Who the hell are we you ask?

Great question!

In case you don’t know who we are, we’re that new kid on the block that’s on a noble mission to connect founders and marketers with startup and growth marketing mentors that don’t cost a fortune. 

This is literally on our footer. Destiny?


You good at Reddit?

And you're good at growth marketing, too?
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