We get so much great feedback from our users and I probably take it for granted.

Because our whole business is built around communication and asking for feedback, I feel like we might get more of it than the average startup.

Our community members have signed up to a platform where someone may tell them something they don’t want to hear.  But they are ok with that because they understand the importance of learning from others.

Because said members are open-minded and ready to take feedback (positive or negative), you better believe they are ready to dish it right back out in another direction.

Which is super for us and our product road-map.

When we get feedback, we beg for more!

You asked, we delivered

A very common question we started getting more and more as we picked up momentum was, “Can I hire a mentors to do XYZ for me?”

So we put together a Typeform and off we went!

Hire a Growth Marketer

From project based gigs to full time roles – many matches have been made and everyone is happy!

We’re all about win-wins at GrowthMentor 😉

Taking things to the next level

(No we aren’t talking about Facebook relationship statuses here)

Adding the long-term dimension to the platform was another request that we were hearing often.

“Can I book a long-term package with a mentor?”

We would respond with something like, “You can book as many calls as you’d like with the mentors, there is no limit.”

Makes sense right?  Especially since most of the mentors are free.

As we spoke to more and more people about this idea, we kept hearing 2 main themes.

  1. Accountability
  2. Quick Access


This is such an over-looked aspect in so many people’s professional careers as we move farther and farther away from the 9-5 boss looking over our shoulder.


If you are your own boss, who holds you accountable?

Our members wanted to book long term with a mentor so they knew that someone would be there week after week to keep their ass in check.  

Quick Access

We live in a world of convenience.

On our platform we have a 24 hour buffer zone for people to plan accordingly if they are scheduling a mentor session.

That wasn’t really the issue that people had though, it was more about, ‘just having a simple question, but not wanting to bother a mentor’.

Not enough to justify a 30 min call and they didn’t feel comfortable just being that person who just messages and asks for advice.

I can respect that!

Some of our mentors get random ‘asks’ every single day in their DMs and just can’t give attention to them all.

People wanted someone that they could count on to respond to them in a timely manner to answer their questions, help them solve their problems and give them actionable advice.  

Monthly Growth Coaching

Whether you are a marketer, a startup founder or working at a big corporation, having direct access to a Growth Mentor will be a game changer.

Can you imagine having Jake Stainer‘s brain available on demand?!

Depending on what you are looking, our mentors can become your marketing coach, or they can provide founder/co-founder coaching.


How it works

Mentors have the ability to offer monthly coaching packages.

Each mentor determines what they will offer as far communication methods, time stipulations and cost.

If a mentor offers coaching, you can read their description by clicking ‘Request Monthly Coaching’ on their profile.

We are currently beta testing this and have some mentors already offering packages.

Monthly Coaching Packages Available

Aazar Ali Shad

Sales Hustler and Growth Marketer – Helping founders to not make the same mistakes like I did!

Chat with me monthly for 5 hours per month. I’ll be happy to help you with the following:

– Sales
– Marketing
– Cold Email Campaign
– Landing Page & Copy Writing

Just hit me up with what you want. Happy to chat about it.

Craig Zingerline

CPO @ Sandboxx | Head of Growth @ Upside Travel | Head of Product & Growth @ Red Tricycle | Founder @ Votion

30 minute call every week to keep tabs on key growth metrics & to be used for working through challenging growth questions, issues, or anything else startup, growth or product related.

Foti Panagiotakopoulos

Founder @ GrowthMentor & VP Growth @ EuroVPS

Unlimited 1-1 growth coaching with me on a private Slack channel. Ask questions and get answers at any time, without the hassle of scheduling exact meeting times. Guaranteed response within 24 hours.

Jessica Volbrecht

Social Media/Content/Email Strategist

~Accountability Partner~

I don’t have any magical fairy dust to sprinkle on your product that will guarantee you hockey stick growth, but I am an exceptional listener and a grade A brainstormer which is sometimes all that you need! I also pride myself in my organizational skills so am happy to help you stay on top of your prioritizes and remind you of them from time to time.

My coaching includes unlimited communication via email, WhatsApp or Slack. You will decide how often you want me to ping you and check-in to see if you are accomplishing the previously set goals.

Message me with any questions 🙂

Mark Colgan

Chief Revenue Officer @ TaskDrive.com | B2B SaaS Sales & Marketing Automation at Yellow O | Techstars ’18

These coaching sessions provide you with objective, revenue-generating Sales & Marketing advice specifically for B2B SaaS businesses. During our 4 sessions (1 x week) we can explore every stage of your buyers’ journey and identify the areas that may be causing friction in their experience. With this external point of view and new insights, you’ll be able to increase acquisition, activation and retention, whilst reducing churn. You’ll also receive unlimited Skype/Slack/Email support from me (within 48 hours).

Nathan Sudds

Consultant & Coach

I offer a variety of monthly coaching packages to give you more value for your investment in yourself and to commit to being available to help you on your journey.

Orianne Gambino

Helping you increase your Leadership skills & untangle roadblocks

The focus of the coaching will be defined in our first calls. We will look together at what is blocking you, slowing you down or in which area you need support. From this we will define clear objectives.

Zev Asch

Empathetic Listener, Strategic & Intuitive Creative Problem-Solver, Business Coach, Mentor

I am a business coach/mentor who works with business owners or anyone designated by the owner as someone who could benefit from the clarity, direction, and support.

My coaching is not templated or follows a prescription; the work is defined by a process of intimately getting to know my client(s).

I promise if you give us any feedback about GrowthMentor Coaching, I will not take it for granted!