How Jonathan Aufray Started a Grow Hacking Agency and Why He Likes to Mentor

I am an entrepreneur, CEO and founder speaking English, French, Spanish and Chinese. I help SMBs and startups grow, generate leads and increase revenue on a daily basis. I have worked with hundreds of companies from 70+ countries.

Growth Hacker MentorGrowth Hacker Mentor

In the past 15 years, I lived and worked in 7 countries. I am originally from France and I now live in Taiwan. I have also lived in the US, the UK, Ireland, Spain and Australia.

I have always been attracted by small businesses as I like to be challenged and see the value of my contribution. I am not saying that working for big brands like Apple or Google isn’t challenging but let’s be honest, if I work for one of those companies and I take 6 months off, they will be fine.

When you work for a startup or an SMB, if you take a 1-week leave, the company will suffer already.

Getting into growth hacking

I was introduced to growth hacking a few years ago. Because my background was in digital marketing for small businesses; once I started to work with startups, I kind of pivoted to growth hacking.

Indeed, startups need fast execution and iteration, even more than SMBs.

I always found that marketing was limited because there wasn’t always a connection between product development and marketing.

That’s what I love about growth hacking: it’s a mix between psychology, product development, data, designing, engineering and marketing.

This is really the link between those departments. Growth hacking isn’t just here to grow acquisition channels but also to grow/improve the product in order to make it more user-centric.

Starting Growth Hackers

I’ve worked with businesses and entrepreneurs from more than 70 countries. Now, I am the co-founder and CEO at Growth Hackers.

At Growth Hackers, we help startups, SMBs, entrepreneurs, marketers and organizations grow with digital marketing and growth hacking.

Not a big fan of describing myself, so I am going to say what people usually say about me: I am a people’s person, honest and easy going.

In my free time, I like to travel, hang out with my friends, play sports and meeting new people.

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Biggest challenge 

One of the biggest challenges I had and I have to face is being careful with my interactions with badly intentioned people.

Because I am a people person, I always see the good in people and sometimes this makes me naïve.

In the business world, I have learned from experience that some people in the world do have bad intentions. They are just in business to trick and scam people.

I have even met people with psychopathic traits, which is surprisingly not uncommon.

Working in the startup/growth scene 

I find that working with startups is great.

Why?  Because it’s very challenging, you learn a lot and you’re definitely never bored.

Also, you can see the contribution of your work vs working with a large corporation.

For instance, if tomorrow I work for Google or Apple: if I do an amazing job or a poor job, the impact will be small and I won’t be able to evaluate my contribution. With startups, you can see results right away.

Looking for advice

A lot of people, when they face challenges, turn to podcasts, blogs, events, etc.

When I face challenges, I turn to people.

Being with people is what makes you happy and gain back confidence.

So, when I face challenges, I will hang out with people.

What would I do? Go to networking events meeting fellow entrepreneurs, practice team sports, hanging out with my friends, spending time with my wife, etc.

Becoming a growth mentor 

At Growth Hackers, we help startups, SMBs and entrepreneurs on a daily basis.

When Foti contacted me and presented the concept of GrowthMentor, it was totally natural for me to join the program.

Growth hacker Jonathan

For a successful mentor/mentee relationship, trust is crucial and goes both ways.

The mentee needs to completely trust the mentor and the mentor needs to trust the mentee.

Indeed, the mentee will need to implement and applied specific strategies, plans and systems. So, it’s crucial to have a strong bond and trust between them.

Avoid mistakes with the help of a mentor

I believe the best way to learn is by doing. And when you do, you make mistakes and need to learn from your mistakes.

This is how you improve.

But what if you could avoid a few mistakes along the way?

This is what a great mentor does.

A great mentor will share his/her experience to prevent the mentee to do the same mistakes.

By avoiding those mistakes, the path to success will be quicker.

Parting advice 

Be confident in yourself but don’t think you know everything or you’re better than anyone else.

You need to be humble and learn from other people.

Don’t only talk.  Listen and ask questions.


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