Introducing Growth Audits: Deep-Dive Audits Carried Out by Vetted Growth Mentors

Don’t get a growth audit from a single marketing consultant when you can get the opinion of many. Introducing crowdsourced growth audits by GrowthMentor.

We’re launching a new service called GrowthAudit.


  • Get custom growth audits for your startup
  • Multiple growth mentors collaborate to create a holistic audit
  • You get to talk to your auditors for two hours to discuss, an hour before the audit, and an hour after for a debrief
  • All the auditors are pretty damn awesome
  • It’s going to be affordable for startups

Why are you doing this?

I’ve been on the receiving end of multiple shitty marketing audits and it’s not a good feeling!

Nobody’s an expert at everything, and since growth is a full-stack affair, it usually takes multiple marketers problem-solving a startup in order to deliver an audit that’s actually useful.

This means the good ones usually aren’t cheap.

That’s what we’re trying to change!

Introducing crowdsourced growth audits

Multiple growth experts collaborate together to create a unified audit that’s unbiased, objective and focused on delivering high-value actionable takeaways.

Why get the opinion on a single auditor when you get the opinion of many which are experts in their own fields?

And with our awesome community of talented Growth Mentors, we’re in the ideal position to be able to pull this off.

By banding together and crowdsourcing the audits, we’re hoping to be able to offer amazing value for money.

How much will this cost?

This is all up in the air and is dependant on a variety of variables like how comprehensive the reports will be, how long they’ll take, and how much demand we’ll get for this. All we do know for sure is that it’s only going to be available for GrowthMentor members.

We have purposefully put no pricing on the site now. Either fixed pricing or you set your own prices, it’s something that can’t be decided now as we need to first understand demand sentiment and get some initial data.

But if you’re interested in some discounted BETA/Early-Access pricing, let us know!