A growth marketer’s toolset is a valuable asset to their day-to-day work and can help to determine whether their efforts are a success or not. We’ve seen more and more fantastic tools for helping growth strategies emerge in recent years and in this article we’ll share them with you.

What is a Growth Marketer?

A growth marketer often referred to as a growth hacker, is someone that creates low-cost strategies to improve user acquisition and customer retention for a business. Essentially, they help a business grow in Brand and data-driven ways.

What’s the difference between a growth hacker and a growth marketer?

There’s been a lot of confusion about the difference between a growth hacker and a growth marketer. Articles tend to merge the two terms together under one breath. However, there is a difference.

A growth hacker is someone who “hacks” the system. They find growth for a business and they find it fast. Growth hackers tend to turn towards smart tools to help them get their work done and scale businesses at a rapid pace. They should be able to identify where every lead came from and why.

A growth marketer is often more brand-centric. They’re also focused on growth, however, they’re often more centered towards long-term solutions and rely on other businesses and brands to grow. A growth marketer will still generate just as many leads and improve on your customer retention metrics, however they may not be able to associate it with a particular effort or tool, it’s more an accumulation of many. Hence, the focus on brand awareness.

There’s no right or wrong way to go about growth. There’s just what a company is looking for or needs at a particular time and a role to fit that need. Pinja Virtanen wrote a fantastic article comparing the two and there’s clearly a lot more to this. However, today we’re here to talk about sustainable tools for growth marketers. So let’s get into it.

The 9 Best Tools for Growth Marketers


The Growth Marketing Mentorship Platform

Of course, the best tools for growth marketers list would not be complete without featuring the Growth Mentors Platform. If you’re looking for guidance in growth then this is the platform for you.

Growth Mentors is a curated list of mentors that genuinely want to help. You can find your mentor that specializes in a certain tool or platform, like any we are discussing here today. Or, you can find your mentor from their area of expertise like growth marketing, B2B sales, PPC, link building, and more.

Growth Mentor eradicates that awkward reach-out phase and has trusted, proven mentors apply to you. This enables you to pick the type of guidance you’ll benefit from best, without worrying about taking the first offer that comes along.


There are two pricing plans for Growth Mentor.

  • The Access plan – FREE – The access plan gives you access to view all of Growth Mentor’s member’s profiles. It will allow you to post one help request so mentors can apply to you. Plus, you’ll have access to the member’s Facebook group.
  • The Pro plan – $50/mo – This plan gives you unlimited calls with those mentors that list themselves as FREE in the platform, more on that soon, plus unlimited help requests. This plan also gives you the option to participate in the Growth Team program, grants access to the Slack community, and an opt-in for 1:1 monthly coaching packages.

Many of the growth mentors are listed as free on the platform and if they’re not, you’ll know their price before speaking to them. This eradicates that sometimes awkward conversation of navigating cost and also gives you a good overview of their profile before you engage with them.

Mixpanel & Amplitude

The Product and User Analytics Tools

It’s essential that growth marketers have proper product analytics set up to help any business and product team succeed. Both Mixpanel and Amplitude are fantastic product intelligence tools, they both provide behavioral analytics for actionable insights and other solutions to help a business scale, globally.


Their plans vary, so it’s recommended to browse demos for both tools and find out which one fits best with you. The first paid plan with Mixpanel is the Growth plan, starting at $89 per month. For Amplitude’s pricing, you’ll need to contact their team.

Google Search Console

The Site Traffic & Performance Tool

A massively underappreciated tool that can give any growth marketer such powerful insights into site traffic and page performance. The tool also allows you to identify and fix any technical issues that may be holding you back from ranking on Google.

Google Search Console breaks down visitors to your site, where they’re going, how they got there and can hint at why. The data can help any growth marketer build a brand and optimize a site for search on Google. It’s an essential tool in any SEO’s toolbox but can still be navigated and utilized by growth marketers too.

Google Search Console can give a breakdown of a brand’s awareness, devices people are browsing a site on as well as top-performing organic keywords and blogs. You can navigate the tool yourself, or get monthly wrap-ups to your inbox. What’s more? It’s free.


The Collaboration Tool

It can be extremely difficult for any rapidly growing team to stay in sync. Growth marketers don’t only need to focus on growth but they also need to focus on sustaining it, and rapid growth comes with solid organization.

Slite, sits on our tools list for that exact reason, it supports growth with organization. With a host of workflow integrations including Slack, Trello, Asana, and Github, Slite enables teams to collaborate, stay up-to-date, and never miss a beat.

The tool also provides a wealth of templates, like this product requirements document template, that teams can adapt to their own needs and get the most out of their Slite experience.


There are two price plans with Slite and a fair billing policy, in which you’ll only pay for active users.

  • Free – The Slite free plan gives users 50 shared docs per month, unlimited private docs, unlimited members, and three integrations. The free team storage is up to 2GB per team and allows for files up to 10MB.
  • Standard – $6.67/mo – The standard plan provides you with unlimited shared docs, advanced administrator rights and permissions management, all integrations, and single sign-on authentication. The standard plan gives 10GB per user and up to 200MB per file.


The Growth Marketing Slack App

Syften scans sites like Twitter, Reddit, ProductHunt, GrowthHackers and others and notifies you when you can take action.

When someone posts a link to your blog you can give it that initial nudge needed for success. You can stay aware of your team’s actions and support each other. Or you can just subtly recommend your product when a relevant topic is discussed.


Syften offers three pricing plans.

  • Free – monitor 3 queries
  • Bootstrapper $19/mo – monitor 20 queries
  • Startup $49/mo – monitor 100 queries

Syften is especially useful for growth marketing teams doing marketing campaigns on social news sites.


The Automation Tool

Probably one of the most useful automation tools and by far one of the most popular out there. Much like how Phantombusters has created Phantoms. Zapier allows you to create digital workflows that they’ve named “Zaps.”

These Zaps will register a trigger that someone has done. They’ll then connect that action with another tool or app for a secondary action or actions. It eradicates repetitive tasks and allows all of your tools and platforms to talk to each other.

Zapier works with pretty much any app you can think of: Google Sheets, Gmail, Twitter, MailChimp, Trello, Salesforce, Pipedrive, WordPress, there’s more.


Zapier comes with five different pricing plans.

  • Free – The free plan starts with a modest 100 tasks per month and five Zaps. 100 tasks sound like a lot but you’ll be surprised how quickly these add up.
  • Starter – $19.99/mo – 750 Tasks per month, 20 Zaps and billed annually. If you chose to go for the month-to-month packages, you’ll pay a little more from here on in.
  • Professional – $49/mo – 2,000 Tasks per month, unlimited Zaps, access to “premium apps,” and a few other features. The update time drops significantly here compared to previous plans, from 15 minutes to two.
  • Team – $299/mo – 50,000 Tasks per month, all of the above, unlimited users, plus shared app connections and a digital workspace. This plan also comes with a one minute update time.
  • Company – $599/mo – 100,000 Tasks per month, all of the above plus unlimited workspaces, user provisioning, apps access control and custom data retention.

Obviously there’s a huge difference in pricing here and it’s important to pick the plan that’s right for you and your team. All of the plans can be trialed for free. They’re also available on a month-to-month payment scheme, so no year-long contracts should things not go as planned.


The Data Extraction Platform

Phantombuster is a toolbox targeted towards salespeople and marketers. It allows your team to read data from web pages without having to know the ins and outs of coding. Extract data, automate actions, schedule workflows, and do it all from the cloud.

There’s a host of “phantoms” available to help your teams collect and target potential customers better. What is usually a very cumbersome task is done automatically and with less risk of error.


There are five different pricing packages for Phantombuster. It entirely depends on the number of Phantoms you’d like to integrate on your site and the number of hours per day you would like those phantoms to be active for.

With over 12,000 businesses already using Phantombuster, it’s scored a very respectable 4.8/5 on Capterra. It’s a great platform for speeding up those otherwise cumbersome or timely tasks, making sure your team can focus on larger, strategical projects.


The Customer Data Platform

Segment collects data from your website and app and ensures it’s delivered in the right way, to different teams across the business. The platform is able to deliver actionable data to the Marketing, Product, and Engineering teams.

The platform boasts hundreds of integrations, like Slack, Google Analytics, Intercom, Optimizely, the list goes on.


Segment offers three different pricing plans.

  • Free – With a free account, you’ll be able to include 1,000 visitors per month, host two sources, and use 300+ integrations.
  • Team – $120/mo. With a team account, you’ll be able to host 10,000 visitors per month, have unlimited sources, and data warehouses.
  • Business – custom pricing. With a business account, you’ll get a custom volume, single view of every customer, data governance, advanced roles and permissions, and historical replay.

Segment is especially useful for retail, B2B, media, marketplace, and mobile industries; it’s used by startups and enterprises alike. It definitely deserves a spot on the best tools for growth marketers list.

Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension

The Keyword Tool

One of the best freemium browser extensions on the market for growth marketers. The plugin shows monthly search volume, CPC & competition data on over 15 websites. The tool not only works with Google but also covers Bing and Youtube, giving you valuable insights on search and informing how you can adjust to trends.

The tool currently has over 900,000 active users and a 4.6/5 rating with over 5,000 reviews.


The Keywords Everywhere chrome extension currently works on a credit system. If you’re looking for more information on your keywords like monthly search volume, CPC & competition data then you can buy credits and exchange them for this information.

Again, it depends on what you need this resource for and how much information you need from it. It only comes from trial and error. Take a look at the extension, see how much you use it and consider if you’ll get more value from it using the credits system.

Wrapping up the best tools for growth marketers

With that, I’ll wrap up this article. I hope that you’ve found this article useful and have discovered some new tools to help your business grow. Whether you’re a growth hacker, a growth marketer, or lay somewhere in between, these tools each have their own advantage to bring to a business’s growth.

Remember, stay actionable, data-driven, organized, and grow at the rate that your business can handle. By implementing smart tools and platforms you’ll ensure you’re set up for success. However, at the end of the day, these tools are only as great as how they’re managed. Ensure you and your team fully understand a new tool and its capacity to see your business rocket.