Facebook Ads is one of the hottest acquisition channels of the past years, and with that comes a lot of competition.

Your target is now exposed to one ad every 4 posts, meaning that you need now more than ever, an awesome ad to catch his/her attention.

Bear in mind that 70% of your campaign success depends on the Ad itself. But first, here are the 5 elements of a Facebook Ad:

  • The Description: This is the text that goes above the creative on Facebook Feed, or below it on Instagram. It is what gives value to your product or announce a special offer.
  • The Creative: The main component of your ad. It can be an image, a carrousel, a GIF, a video (if Video, please keep it shorter than 20 seconds).
  • The Title: Very short sentence that highlight what you offer or simply present your product or offer (Ex: “Lacoste x National Geographic” or “Limited Sales: Up to -50%!”)
  • The Call-to-Action: The button. Usually, if you are an ecommerce, it would be “Shop Now” but in some cases, it could be “Learn More”, “Sign Up”.
  • The Landing Page: Where the user will land after clicking. It can be your website, your product page or a dedicated landing page.

Now that you know the different elements, here are how you can find the best combination of these elements:

  • Look at other brands: This sounds very basic, but few companies actually apply it. You can head to the Facebook Ads Library and search the ads of any brands you want. Pro Tip: don’t only look for your competitors, but brands that target your customer base.
  • Your Instagram: It is my experience that what a post that generated a nice amount of likes and comments on Instagram will work very well on ads. So just use the same photo, adapt the copy, and try it out!

You now have the creative, copy, landing page on hand, it is now time to test it. My recommendation to A/B test an Ad is to use the different elements listed above, and test one of these elements every time. So here it what it would look like:

  • You want to launch 3 version of the ad.
  • Only one element will vary, the other 4 will be the same on all 3 versions.
  • Let’s say you want to test the creative: You’ll have an Image Product Shot, an Image Lifestyle Shot, and a GIF. Same copy, same title, same CTA, same landing on all 3.
  • Let it run until your ads get to around 10,000 impressions each.
  • Compare performance (ROAS, CPA, CTR)
  • Pause the two least performing, duplicate the winner, and test another element like the copy.
  • Repeat until you find the best combination

And here you have it, a best performing ad for your campaign!