Pre launch?

Think of it as the same as any other product. We don’t want to launch without any buzz. So what can we do to generate some excitement around it? 

Regardless of whether or not we have a budget, I would recommend going down an organic route first and foremost. Capture your social handles, buy your domain, start posting regularly on your blog to build out your domain.

When you’re ready, create a waiting list or pre-sign up function on your website to capture emails of people who are stumbling upon your website and are interested. Start to grow your community and get people ready for your splash. 

If you’re already launched? 

There’s nothing above that doesn’t still stand. But, this time we’re going to be concentrating more on direct response.

We want people to convert, so we’re going to start looking at our flow to identify drop offs, where can we see areas to improve?

Once we have filled as many holes in our bucket as possible, we want to start to test out with paid ads – testing across different channels till we find something that looks promising.